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The Board of Directors, I. Samuels and Sons

For almost 100 years, I. Samuels & Sons has served customers at its New Castle, PA, location. The year was 1909 when Iman Samuels and his two sons opened a shoe repair supplies and luggage retail outlet. Through the four generations the business has evolved to meet changing demands and a growing customer base. "Ecommerce is our next big step," says Alan Samuels, CEO and great grandson of founder Iman Samuels. "I think my grandfathers would approve."

Today the product lines include hard-to-find shoe and foot aids, rugged footwear, and a growing apparel line. While emphases is on a quality product and a fair price, Samuels adds value with exceptional customer service. "I want to carry on in my great-grandfather's tradition," says Samuels. "He worked hard to build a solid reputation, and now it's my job to see that reputation lives on."

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